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Tutima, DK 46 09 owned by Tom Ebert, has won the first ever official IRC event held in the Baltic at Flensburg Week. One of two DK46’s that have come to Germany since the worldwide decline of IMS opened up a new opportunity for closer racing, where she competes against larger yachts like the Elliot 52 Outsider and the RP 57 Scho-Ka-Kola. Ebert is enjoying the performance of his DK 46 having already completed the HSH Nordbank Trans-Atlantic race this summer, and is looking forward to a return to close Big Boat competition in the Baltic as IRC gains popularity.

Compared to parallel ORC Club (IMS) results for the event the IRC time deltas were much closer – in one race a 4 minute margin in ORC Club was only a 6 second margin in IRC - probably a much better reflection of the actual performances on the water, which is leading to increased interest in Northern Europe: “There are more parallel IRC-scorings scheduled in the Baltic for next year” said Volker Andreae of the German Offshore Owners Association.

Meanwhile in Australia DK 46 05 eXtasea (ex-Zephrya) won her first outing under the new ownership of Paul Buchholz of Geelong. With input from sailmaker Tony Bull of Quantum she triumphed in her first outing under both IRC and PHS, winning the Quesenscliff to Flinders Race in a 53 boat fleet. In a mail the boat captain enthused: ”We were very happy with smashing the TP 52 Cougar II ( ex-Rush) by 17+ mins in a 6 hr race.”
Mills Design is busier than ever before with a string of new projects both custom and production. Look for details shortly of the new IRC semi-production Sllim 37 cruiser/racer and the MD35 One Design, as well as updates on our King 40 and Landmark 43 IRC cruiser/racers. For more details please visit our website, or contact Mark Mills to discuss a winning design.

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Die "Tutima" von Tom Ebert aus Warnemünde ist die Gewinnerin des 1. IRC Preises auf der Ostsee, gestiftet von der German Offshore Owners Association. Im Rahmen der 97. Flensburger Fördewoche wurde für das Blaue Band und den Transit Togistic Cup eine IRC Parallelwertung durchgeführt, an der 10 Yachten teilnahmen. Besonders interessant war der Vergleich zwischen den beiden schnellsten Schiffen "Outsider" und "Scho-Ka-Kola". Während die 52ft grosse "Outsider" mit einem Schwenkkiel unter ORC wenige Sekunden pro Meile günstiger als die 56 ft grosse und mit Wasserballast segelnde "Scho-Ka-Kola" vermißt, muss sie nach IRC der "Scho-Ka-Kola" vergüten. Am Freitag lag die "Outsider" nur 6 Sekunden nach IRC berechneter Zeit vor "Scho-Ka-Kola", während das Ergebnis unter ORC mit über 4 Minuten entsprechend deutlicher ausfiel. In diesem Jahr hatten 35 Deutsche Yachten einen IRC- Meßbrief, davon zahlreiche Schiffe im Mittelmeer. Im kommenden Jahr sind weitere Wettfahrten in der Ostsee mit einer IRC Parallelwertung vorgesehen.

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